Welcome to Pretty In Crochet

If you are looking for more in a crochet blog than just crochet, then you have come to the right place. Pretty In Crochet is a crochet lifestyle blog, where I share crochet patterns and projects and content that delves into the history and heart of crochet.

Crochet has proved excellent self care for me, and is actually proven to reduce stress. It has helped me during some of the toughest times of my life, and is a life long passion. I hope to inspire you to learn crochet, challenge yourself with the craft and live your best crocheting life.

I’m Giulia, creator of Pretty in Crochet, ¬†and I love crochet.

I first learned to crochet when I was a child. Even then I thought it was super cool and the novelty of learning something creative and hands on never wore off. I always wanted more and more yarn to crochet. I’m largely self taught now, using books, online tutorials and videos to improve my technique and gather crochet knowledge.

Pretty In Crochet is more than your average crochet blog. Not better, just different. It’s about life, crochet, love and yarn. It’s about you and your journey with the craft. Use the content to inform yourself, learn, inspire and reflect on your own creativity and of course, to crochet.

Happy Crocheting friends,