About Me

Hi Everyone!


I’m Jewels, creator of Pretty in Crochet,  and I love anything that gets my creative juices flowing. Recently my passion for this wonderful craft–you guessed it–crochet, has led me to take the plunge to create my own website, Pretty In Crochet. Here I hope to share with you crochet creations, patterns, some useful tips and hopefully grow and learn along with you, all my readers.

I first learned to crochet when I a child. Even then I thought it was super cool and the novelty of learning something creative and hands on never wore off. I always wanted more and more yarn to crochet. I’m largely self taught now, using books, online tutorials and videos to improve my technique and gather crochet knowledge. I’ve been self teaching for about five years now, and want to share all my creations and finds with you. Because I love sharing and teaching, Pretty In Crochet was born.



Some things you ought know about me…


  • I live in Canada. Yes, it’s cold here 🙂
  • I adore elephants.
  • I also adore cats. Sadly, my own cat ran away from home and has not returned. I’m hoping someone kindly gave him a home.
  • I work full time, so this blog is truly a project of love.
  • I really want this blog to be truly useful and inspiring to other crocheters.
  • I believe life takes you on unexpected journeys and that these journeys need embracing.
  • You can find me on Pinterest and I pin a ton of stuff from crochet love to medieval castles.



I’ve always been drawn to creative hobbies and I’ve dabbled with things like scrap booking and jewelry making but there were only two creative ventures that really captured me, and those are writing and crochet. These days, I don’t have a lot of time to write creatively but I am writing when I blog and that seems to soothe my urge to pick up a pen (wait, I’m typing!) and let ink flow over paper. I do one day hope to dive back into creative writing, but until that day comes, my soul is also soothed by my crochet hook. Speaking of which, I’d better get back to hooking up my latest project!


Have a lovely time crocheting everyone, but before you go please subscribe to Pretty In Crochet so you’ll never miss out on a free pattern.


Happy Crocheting,