There are two crochet magazines that I subscribe to. I like to subscribe to a couple of crochet magazines because they provide complete crochet patterns for a variety of projects and for inspiration. One I have been subscribed to for five or six years now, and the other I discovered a couple of years ago, but didn’t subscribe to, although I recently did subscribe to the magazine and enjoy it immensely.

I subscribe to these magazines via iPad apps, and I love that medium as I don’t have to have magazines lying all over the house. It’s a cleaner, more polished way to access the patterns, and I don’t have to store the magazines for future reference, or lose the patterns by tossing the magazines.

What Kind of Projects I Like to Crochet

I have always been one to chose smaller projects over larger ones, and projects that aren’t too complex. So I tend to stick to easy to intermediate when it comes to difficulty in the crochet projects I chose. I also prefer projects that are airy, lacy, pretty (of course!) and feminine. I also like to hook up projects that are warm and cuddly. I have challenged myself in the past to crochet larger projects such as sweaters and shrugs, and I have enjoyed being immersed in the creation of my own clothing piece as opposed an accessory such as a shawl or scarf. But in all honesty, my preferred item to crochet is a shawl.

Play with Colour

When I first began crocheting regularly, I picked up wild and bold colours and really played with colour as I was learning and creating my first pieces. You have seen some of those creations here on the blog in the past. I have always loved wearing colours, so it was natural that I wanted to create with a whole rainbow of colours. If not always practical. I still love colour and create colourful pieces, but I chose the colours to match the project a little more carefully these days. I love having the magazines as inspiration for colour as well as they really demonstrate what colours would work well for the pattern. Because sometimes crochet patterns are designed for the colours used, or the colour palette of the yarn used.

crochet magazines subscribe photo of colourful granny squares

Which Magazines Do I Subscribe To?

The two magazines I subscribe to are Interweave and I Like Crochet. I love that both are available digitally and the app provides the opportunity to get back titles as well. I like both magazines for different reasons, so let’s dive into that shall we?

I Like Crochet

I like this magazine because you get several issues a year. Usually they release October, December, February, April, June, and August. You sometimes get an Editor’s Edition a couple of times a year as well. I love that they have something for everyone ability wise, so if you want something quick and easy, you can find that easily, and if you want something a little more challenging, you can find those pieces as well.

What I also like about this magazine is that you get a variety of projects. From baby items to jewelry pieces, you have it all. One great feature about the magazine is that the entire pattern is one page–you just scroll down for directions or tap on the screen for the diagram. Another thing I love about this magazine is that the designers are not afraid to play with colour! There are bold colours used all of the time–often to match the season the issue is published in and I love that.


This magazine publishes seasonly, so you get a Fall issue, a Winter one and so on. I love how visually stunning this magazine is. I just want to crochet all day looking at the projects and pieces featured. I especially love that they have shawls because those are my favourite pieces to crochet. Shawls are just so romantic.

I have only been subscribed to this magazine for about a year, so I only have three editions, but I absolutely adore the patterns. These patterns do tend to be more time consuming and challenging, so be aware of that if you are a beginner, but they certainly do open your eyes as to what you can create with crochet. Such as lounge wear. Who would have thought?? However, I have recently discovered that magazine will no longer be published, although those of us that love Interweave Crochet can still access content through Interweave+, which I will be considering.

Why Subscribe to Magazines When You Can Get Patterns Free?

The internet is full of tons of free patterns. I offer some myself! But the thing about a lot of free patterns is that they are not tested. Meaning, the designer didn’t have several experienced crocheters test the patterns to make sure that the stitch count was not off, or that the pattern was readable. Yes, there are lots of well written free crochet patterns, but you will encounter some messily written ones.

Another reason you should subscribe to a magazine is to give back to the community. These are editors and designers who are giving you what you love–crochet patterns, information about the craft and history of crochet, new innovations in crochet. If you truly love crochet, you ought support them as they support you. Both Interweave and I Like Crochet offer articles like this, not just crochet patterns. I’m always on the look out for new magazines as I’m a curious soul who loves all the pretty things in crochet, and magazines offer us so much that is pretty in crochet.

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