A little while ago, I was working a new page for the blog, and I started to think, why crochet? I was wondering why so many of us love this craft and why in particular it’s become such a big part of my life. Is crochet just a hobby or it is something more?

Starting the blog was something I did to share crochet with others. It was my hope I could point others to great patterns, but it grew into me wanting to share more than just pattern links. I wanted to create my own patterns, to teach others how to crochet so that they might know the joy this craft can bring. So I created the blog to help spread the healing power of crafting and crochet in particular to others.

Crochet has come to mean a lot to me throughout my life. It bought me healing during a difficult time as a child, and has turned into my creative expression of choice as an adult. I love that with some yarn and a crochet hook I can create anything from a wash cloth to a sweater to wear. I can use so many colours! Trends in clothing stores tend to stick to that seasons collection of colours, many of which never appeal to me. Crochet makes me feel empowered in a world where often I feel as though I must just to live. Crochet helps me survive. It continues to bring me great joy, just as it did when I younger and in need of healing. Crocheting helps me practice mindfulness, something I am not very good at as I’ve a busy mind that’s always thinking about something. Or somethings. So, if you are like me, crochet might be all you need!

Need to Crochet

So for me, crochet isn’t just a hobby. It’s not something I just do in my spare time. I crochet nearly every day, sometimes for hours. And the more I crochet, the more creative I am becoming in my crochet. I don’t just follow patterns anymore, I try and create my own. I’ve started with simple creations, the way you learn to crochet beginning with simple stitches, but in only a few months I can see that my creations are changing, my own style and preferences creeping into the patterns I create.

Why crochet? Crochet is the best creative expression for me, and its healing power is not to be underestimated. Perhaps that is why this creative practice has taken such a hold in my life.

Why do you crochet? Share in the comments section below.



  1. Good morning I’ve caught a few of your posts but todays ‘Why Crochet’ truly spoke to me. I learned at my Grammar side the joy & struggle of crocheting. I too hook most days & the mindfulness is a developing meditative practice. I’m never more at peace than when I’m hooking. My one demon is when I hook for too many hours and get hives on my wrist- Oops 😬 Thank you for the reminder of the yarn council. Happy hooking, Cher

    1. Hi Cher! I’m so happy to hear from you, and glad that you found something valuable in the article. That certainly makes my day. I know I’m addicted to crocheting for hours so I understand what you mean about your wrists! Thanks for leaving a comment today 🙂

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