Need to sort through the stash more often than you’d like? So did I. I had projects in several project bags. Yarn in a huge basket in a corner of my solarium. Yarn and projects stashed in a tote. Projects that needed fixing in a tote, stashed behind my armchair. Yarn in the bedroom closet. Yarn…in every nook and cranny I had space to yarn stash.

I never quite meant it to get that out of control. I mean, sure I had yarn for upcoming projects, but how all those projects never got started in the time I wanted to get them started is still something of a mystery. But, as I was in the middle of a tidying up Marie Kondo style, I realized that the biggest thing creating clutter in my home was yarn.

*Gasp* Yarn brings me joy. The yarn needed to be organized and given a proper place in my home. It became apparent it was too much apart of my life to stash away where ever I could. So the major yarn storage makeover began. I wish I had some before pictures to show you, but I didn’t think to take them, so I can only show you what my yarn storage situation looks like now.

My Yarn Nook

First off, let me say, tidying the way Marie Kondo does on her Netflix show is both exhausting and rewarding. I actually did start with clothes and moved through the whole process and ended with tackling my yarn. First, I had to find cube shelves. My internet searches showed me nice ones and some seriously ugly ones. I settled on one I found in JYSK which was a $120 and fit exactly into the space I wanted it to go.

The wall space I had was limited as I live in a condo, and cannot dedicate a whole room to my yarn. I had a small corner of my solarium to work with, and that was exactly 117cm wide. The shelf I saw seemed too big, but it was actually 110cm wide! I did not hesitate, I bought the unit the very same day and began sorting through and putting away my yarn that evening. My yarn nook was taking shape!

Major Yarn Storage Makeover: Tips

If you’re not into the idea of tidying your entire home as I did, and just want to have a yarn nook, or yarn room, here are some tips:

  • Before you worry about storage, sort through your yarn. Discard odds and ends you’ll never use. Donate yarn that no longer appeals you. Pull apart projects you no longer want to finish. I did this to several.
  • Sort your yarn by skein style.
  • Feel like organizing by colour? Go for it! It’ll look more attractive.
  • Decide on a space for your yarn. Do you have a room? A nook? A closet?
  • Choose storage that fits your space. If it’s a closest, clear plastic totes might work best. If you have a room, or nook you could use cube shelving (with or without baskets) or even an old wardrobe or dresser.
  • Take it slow. It doesn’t all have to happen in one day.

I will confess, I wish my yarn looked prettier on the shelf, but it was impracticable to try and organize by colour as I have so many and while I tried to organize by skein style, I just kept finding more and more yarn, so compromises had to be made. But, I do hope once I work through this yarn that I will be able to organize new yarn more prettily 🙂

How do you organize your yarn? Leave your ideas and tips in the comments section below!

Happy Hooking,


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