Today, I thought it would be fun to talk a little about my favourite crochet blogs. A few years ago, when I first started Pretty In Crochet, I was a little more knowledgeable about the crochet community as I was constantly on Pinterest, pinning crochet patterns and photos for inspiration. I didn’t dive too much into Ravelry, but I did open a shop and also used the database there on occasion. I was, and am, only a small time crochet blog, so I didn’t know other crochet bloggers though I was aware of some of the bigger blogs and designers.

But then, after I stopped blogging, I kinda fell out of the community a little, and I’m only now really exploring blogs and platforms for crochet again, in a BIG way. And I think I expected to find some new crochet blogs and changes, but when I so far I’m finding that a lot of the blogs that were popular, are still and that some of them haven’t changed very much. However, I’ve found some new ones that I really love, and a couple that have changed a lot.

What Am I looking For in a Crochet Blog

These days, I want more than just crochet patterns and tutorials. When I returned to Pretty In Crochet, it was with the idea that I wouldn’t just be churning out patterns, something I found challenging, or offering tutorials. While those are still things I wanted to do, I wanted to do more. As I’ve said, I want this to be a crochet lifestyle blog. After all, there is so much to crochet, it’s not just patterns and hooks.

Since that was my vision for my blog, I wanted to see that same idea in other blogs. And, I have not been disappointed. I see crochet bloggers are now offering a lot more variety in content, and I think it’s amazing. I want to know about shaping, and new techinques and trends and innovations in the industry. And for me, the blogs I’m sharing with you today really stand out in the crochet community.


I’m sure she needs no introduction. Sewrella was huge when I was more actively seeking crochet content, and she’s even bigger now, having her own yarn line. Colour me jealous, I’d be can’t believe how much her blog has changed and grown since I last checked it out. She’s certainly an influence in the community and her blog and journey really inspire me.

TL YarnCrafts

Oh boy, do I love Toni’s YouTube channel. I’ve binge watched it and am learning Tunisian crochet thanks to Toni, something I always wanted to do but never really committed myself to because sometimes self teaching requires more discipline than I feel like giving after a long day at work. It’s just easier to do what you know! But Toni’s tutorials and patterns have gotten me back into crocheting and have me trying new things. She is a real go getter, and such an inspiration to me. Toni is a new to me influencer in the crochet world and I am so glad I found her.

Check out the Tunisian crochet scarf I made thanks to Toni!


Whoa, has this blog grown in a big way! Podcasts, Youtube, I mean…she’s killing content creation. And, coming from Brittany it’s all amazing stuff too. I’m not just jealous, I’m in awe. I always trusted the tutorials and how to’s from Bhooked, and diving deeper into the blog, I have found a larger treasure trove of content than I knew was there during the years I was on a hiatus in the community.

Mj Off the HOok Designs

This is another blog that I wasn’t aware of back in my early days in the community, but I love that I found this blog. Her Instagram reels are so chic and cute! I love her designs as well, there’s lots of stuff for the kiddos, but lovely wearables as well. And, she’s got a ton of patterns which makes it even more fun.

Daisy Farm Crafts

I used to really love the aesthetics of Daisy Farm Crafts, but now I’m just in love with everything about the site. The colours, the easy patterns, the tips and tricks. Her Instagram reels! And, I just love the feel of her blog-modern, clean and easy to navigate. I’m just so impressed when I am surfing around her blog, and so inspired too. I loved reading her tips on how to start a crochet blog, and am always going back for more.

On the Hunt for More

I have been searching high and low for other crochet blogs that really inspire me as the ones above do, and while there are many lovely blogs out there, these are the top ones that really make me want to crochet, to design and to just play with yarn and learn more about this wonderful craft. However, I am going to keep looking because you never know when you might find another amazing crochet blog!

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