Elephant Collection: Crochet Baby Hat

Elephant Collection: Crochet Baby Hat

Ready for another elephant crochet project? Today I’m sharing with you an elephant crochet baby hat as part of the Elephant Collection. The Elephant Collection is a series I share here featuring elephant crochet projects. I love elephants and it’s been fun collecting and sharing patterns with you, and spreading a little awareness about this magnificent species of animals.

Today I’m sharing with you a baby hat project by Jenny and Teddy, a cute blog, and the pattern is free, so bonus! As you can see in the photo, the baby hat is sweet and would look adorable on any baby, boy or girl. The pattern is accompanied by instructions and photos to help you along and looks easy to read. I have not tried to crochet this project myself, but I think it is fairly straightforward. If I had a wee one to make such a cute baby hat for, I think I’d try my hand at this.

Elephant Baby Hat by Jenny and Teddy

Elephants Facts

  • African elephants are divided into two subspecies, savanna elephants and forest elephants
  • savanna elephants are found throughout the grassy plains and bushlands of Africa
  • their very large ears allow them to radiate excess heat
  • each family unit consists of about ten females and their calves
  • bulls only associate with the herd only to mate
  • several family units may join to form a clan of hundreds, lead by a matriarch
  • the status of these elephants is vulnerable

I hope that you’ve learned a little something about elephants today, and that you enjoy hooking up a cute hat for the baby in your family. The hat would certainly be perfect for photos and is a piece that could be shared by every baby in the family. Crocheted elephant pieces in the past? I’d love to learn about them! Share in the comments below.


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