Elephant Collection: Cute Applique Pattern

Elephant Collection: Cute Applique Pattern


I’m super excited to introduce the Elephant Collection here on Pretty In Crochet! I don’t know when exactly my love of elephants began, but certainly over the past ten years or so I’ve fallen in love with these magnificent creatures. So it seemed natural that an elephant became a part of Pretty In Crochet.

The Elephant Collection will be a series of posts I will share once a month featuring a crochet pattern to an elephant themed project. I plan to hook up a few myself! I also plan to include some information each month about this endangered species. I hope to raise awareness about these wonderful creatures as well.

For me, the most distinctive features of elephants are the large ears and trunk, and their eyes which look so wise. The trunk has many uses including trumpeting warnings, to wave hello, to spray water for a cooling bath and is also used to pick up objects. Hence my own elephant holding a crochet hook 🙂

I found the pattern for this cute applique (which I think looks adorable on my hat) at Repeat Crafter Me, a lovely site with lots of cute crochet ideas, and this free elephant pattern.  This pattern just had to be included in the Elephant Collection. It’s cute and can be functional for a lot of pieces. Sew this onto a blanket, hat, or sweater. I’ve been playing around with using these to create a fun scarf.

I can assure you that hooking this up was easy. Even if you have just learned to crochet in the round, this pattern will be a great one for you to try out. I’ve hooked up a few of these, and I will say one thing–tension does an elephant make. So watch you don’t pull those stitches too tight.

Stay tuned for more crochet fun and happy hooking!

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