Elephant Collection: Hat and Diaper Outfit

Elephant Collection: Hat and Diaper Outfit

Love elephants? So do I, and I love crochet as much as you do too! This elephant hat and diaper set is perfect for baby, and for the Elephant Collection. I created the Elephant Collection here on Pretty In Crochet to share with you cute and fun elephant crochet patterns, and also to share some knowledge about these majestic creatures.

hat and diaper outfit

Let’s start with the pattern. It sure is cute, isn’t it? I found this hat and diaper outfit on Ravelry, it’s by Brianna K Designs and has a variety of sizes from newborn to one year old for you to hook up for a little one. I honestly think any baby would look adorable in this and talk about photo opportunities! The pattern includes photos tutorials and written instructions and is rated as fairly easy so I’m sure if you have some basic crochet skills that this hat and diaper outfit wouldn’t be hard to complete.

Did You Know?

  • elephants are the most intelligent land animal
  • elephants seem to remember people, places and even learned skills for years
  • their brain construction is nearly as complex as humans
  • elephants communicate using both sound and smell
  • elephants only have four teeth! Two molars on either side of the mouth
  • one tooth is the size of a brick and has a ridged area for grinding large leaves
  • these teeth are replaceable! The grinding wears down the teeth so the elephant has six sets of teeth throughout its lifetime

You learn something new every day don’t know? I think these facts about the elephants teeth especially fascinating, which is why I love sharing elephant crochet patterns like the hat and diaper outfit here on Pretty In Crochet. I’m sure that the pattern will teach you something about crochet just as today’s post taught me something about elephants. So get hooking everyone!


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