All You Need is Crochet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So far no one has asked me a single question, so this is a hard page to complete! But this is a brand new site, so I’ll imagine some questions a lot of readers may have about me or the site.

What made you start crocheting?

I started crocheting when I was twelve years old and a prolonged illness kept me at home. There were only so many books even an avid reader like I’ve always been could read to pass the time, and my aunt taught me crochet one day to keep me busy. At the time, my craft only went so far as my aunt knew only the very basics and there was no internet then *gasp* from which to learn. I always enjoyed the craft, and wanted to become better at it, so about five years ago, I bought a book to help me learn more and my craft has really taken off from there!

Do you knit, sew, DIY?

I do not! My dad keeps urging me to learn to knit (I think he thinks it’s a superior craft to crochet) and I keep telling him I want to become really proficient at crochet before I tackle another craft. What I do other than crochet is read an obscene amount of books and cook a lot because there is nothing like a home cooked meal. I also dabble in writing.

Do you design crochet patterns?

Yes, I design simple patterns. The creative process has been a learning journey. I also share I have found online shared by designers to support the crochet community. Some patterns I purchased, and I share the site I purchased the pattern from. I receive no compensation for linking back to these patterns; I do this only so that you can have easy access to a great pattern.

I look forward to updating this page, so if there are other questions you’d like answered, please contact me.