How to Crochet the Treble Crochet

Ready for another tutorial? This week we are going to going to learn how to crochet a treble crochet, also sometimes called a triple crochet. If you mastered the double crochet, you already have the know how for this stitch. The treble crochet (tr in patterns) is a tall stitch, and is used in a lot of patterns. It’s not my favourite stitch, but it is fun to crochet. So let’s get started!

Begin by chaining a length of any number, plus four. I chained 17+4, so 21. Now, yarn over twice (Figure 1). 

Figure 1

Insert your hook in the fourth chain from your hook, and yarn over (Figure 2) and pull up a loop. You have four loops on your hook (Figure 3).

Figure 2
Figure 3. You have 4 loops on your hook.

Yarn over and pull through the first two loops. Three loops are left on your hook (Figure 4).

Figure 4

Yarn over again and pull through first two loops. Two loops are left on your hook (Figure 5).

Figure 5
Figure 6

Yarn over and pull through the two loops (Figure 6). Viola! It really is that simple to crochet a treble crochet. Keep practicing this till the end of your row. Chain 4 for your turning chain and then insert your crochet hook into the first stitch and keep treble crocheting for practice. It really is a fun stitch, isn’t it?

Treble Crochet, Food for Thought

  • The stitch is tall, and thus might feel “holey” to some but creates a lovely drape effect.
  • If you don’t like that open effect created by the treble crochet, try going down a half a hook size so that you maintain the drape effect, but have a more closely woven piece.
  • Treble crochets combined with other stitches create lovely texture, so play around.
  • If you think the treble crochet is tall, you’ll be surprised to know there are even taller stitches!
  • Crocheting gets no more difficult than the treble crochet, in my opinion.

I’ve really enjoyed working on the Crochet for Beginners series, and we are nearly about done. The series will shift its focus slightly and focus on a few techniques I think are essential for beginners to know so that you can really get busy crocheting anything you want! If you have questions, I’m happy to answer them in the comments section. I also love to hear feedback so don’t be shy!

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