I’m back today to share a tutorial of one of my favourite stitches, the crunch stitch. This stitch is textured and easy and will make the beginner in crochet feel like a pro because it looks so rich and complicate but is really easy to achieve. Even more wonderful, this stitch can be used for so many projects, from blankets to sweaters. I cannot tell you how often I have used this stitch as it lends itself so well to so many project types. Most recently, I used it with a chunky yarn to make my aunt a scarf and she loved it as it turned out so squishy.

Let’s get started friends!

Crunch Stitch

The crunch stitch is simple, alternating two stitches, the half double crochet, and the slip stitch.


5.00mm hook

Worsted weight yarn

Yarn needle


photo of a swatch of crunch stitch in a peachy yarn

To begin, chain a multiple of 2 + 1.

Row One: Hdc in the second chain from the hook, *sl st in the next, hdc in the next, st sl* to end of row. Ch 1.

Row Two: *Hdc in first stitch, sl st in next*, repeat from * till the end of the row. Ch 1.

Repeat row two to continue your project. It’s important to know that you will ALWAYS start a row with a half double crochet, and end with a slip stitch.

That’s it my lovelies, I hope you have fun hooking up the crunch stitch.

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  1. This looks absolutely wonderful; I admire your talent so much!

    1. Thanks so much Molly!

  2. […] and a lot more fun. Some stitches, like the moss stitch, are great for drape while others like the crunch stitch are great for […]

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