Back in 2017, I decided I really wanted to up my blogging and created Pretty In Crochet on WordPress. I had only ever used Blogger before, but I wanted to make this blog special, and professional. And I worked hard on this blog up until 2019, but I was never really completely happy with the blog, and after a while, I felt a little limited by the niche. So I abandoned the blog and began a new project, a lifestyle blog Tidbits of Care. I threw myself into this blog because it’s a lifestyle blog and offered me an opportunity to share more of my life story and a greater variety of content. I hope you’ll check it out, but…

But, I am back at Pretty In Crochet, and I’ve re-branded the blog to freshen it up and really make it everything I wanted it to be back in 2017 when I started. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to try and update the old posts (which proved harder than I thought) and make the blog just as pretty as all things crochet are.

With re-branding the blog comes a new direction for my blog. In the past, I focused on sharing and creating patterns, and that became draining. I enjoyed it, but crochet design wasn’t something I was hugely passionate about. I discovered I am more passionate about crocheting. The focus of the blog is still crochet, and I still will share the occasional pattern but there will be so much more crochet content.

What Kind of Content Will Be on the Blog?

Moving forward, the blog will feature not only crochet patterns but also,

  • articles about yarn
  • interviews with designers (I hope) and other crochet bloggers
  • crochet book reviews
  • printables

I want this blog to be a crochet lifestyle blog rather than just a blog that shares patterns and offers tutorials, though that will also be featured. It is a crochet blog after all! I’m really excited about enhancing Pretty In Crochet and sharing my love of crochet and creation with you in an entirely new way. It has been both fun and challenging to re-brand the blog and work on new content about crochet.

Photo of crocheted shawl pretty in crochet photo
Crocheting pieces such as this soothes me immensely.

Crochet in My Life

In my life, crochet has been a huge source of self care. When I was most anxious and stressed, crochet kept me sane. Like others who suffer from anxiety, crochet provided me with a task that forced me to practice mindfulness. Crochet gave a meaning to my life that hadn’t been there before, and although it’s a small thing, crochet has been everything to me.

Because crochet provides me with a great deal of joy, and has helped me during enormously stressful times, I simply wasn’t willing to let this blog be quiet any longer. Crochet gave me peace and solace, and I want to give something back to the crochet community. I just really want to connect with others who love crochet, and understand that in a way that those who don’t crochet cannot.

So if you have more yarn than you know what to do with, a ton of crochet projects started, hooks and stitch markers scattered around your home, a drawer stuffed full of patterns and crochet books, then you are my people, and I think you will love the new Pretty In Crochet.

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