Cancun Passion Scarf

The Cancun Passion scarf is a project I had a lot of fun creating! The pattern is beginner friendly, and these colours will liven up anyone’s wardrobe. They are the reason I had so much fun making this piece. The yarn is Bamboo Pop by Universal Yarn, one I’ve worked with before and will likely be using again as it’s so elegant and easy to work with.

My local yarn shop is proving a dangerous place to be. There are so many lovely yarns that my eyes buy them they second they see them. I have a ton of projects I’ve been working on lately to share with you, and many were inspired by yarns from that little shop, including the Cancun Passion Scarf. It’s likely the brightest piece I’ve created yet, and I love it!

I’ve always been drawn to bright colours, which is why you’ll have noticed by now that I tend to use a plethora of colours in my projects. I’m not the sort of person who is only drawn to warm colours, or cool colours or earthy tones; I tend to love all colours and I hope that I combine them in ways that are complimentary to both one another, and to your wardrobe. I love finding ways to incorporate my colourful pieces into my own wardrobe. A bright piece like the Cancun Passion Scarf can be thrown over jeans and a black or white tee. It could also be worn as a statement piece over a black dress.

Cancun Passion Scarf


One skien each of Bamboo Pop in Marmalade and Ocean.
4.00mm hook
Craft needle


Hdc=half double crochet
Dc=double crochet

Using Marmalade, Ch 34

Row 1: In second ch from hook, hdc, and in ea across. Ch two, turn.

Row 2: In first st, hdc and in ea across. Ch 2, turn.

Row 3: In first st, *dc, ch 1, sk next st, dc in next, rep from * across. Ch 2, turn.

Repeat Row 1-3 two times, change colour. Repeat Row 1-3 three times. Repeat until scarf reaches desired length. You will end on a double of double crochet. For the last row, hdc in each across, fasten off and weave in ends.

Love colours? Like neutrals better? What colours are your go to for everyday wear? Share in the in the comments section 🙂

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