Today I’m introducing a new weekly series for the month of July, the Sunny Days Crochet Collection. The series will feature a new crochet pattern perfect for the summer months, and I’m excited to share with you today a pattern a for crochet sunglasses case. Using a thick cotton yarn, this case is sturdy and will protect your sunglasses from scratches and dirt while housed in your purse. Just what every girl needs, it’s functional and pretty.

I used juicy coral colours, and a combination of stitches in this pattern, but this is certain to be the perfect project for an experienced beginner. I was once a crocheter who thought some projects beyond me, but I’ve learned that a lot of things that look intimidating are often far more easy than you might initially think. So believe me, you can hook this up without too much trouble!



Crochet Sunglasses Case


Bernat Handicrafter yarn, one skein each in Camomile and Tangerine
4.00mm (G size) hook
Tapestry needle
One button

Stitches (US Terms)

Sl st-slip sitch
Sc-single crochet
Hdc-half double crochet

Special Stitch

Center Single Crochet-Insert hook into the legs or inverted V of single crochet, yarn over and complete single crochet as you normally would.


With Tangerine, Ch 29

Row 1: Sc into second st from hook, and in ea st till end of row. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2: Center sc into first st, and into each st till end of row. Ch 1, turn.

Row 3-39: Repeat row 2.

Change colour to Camomile

Row 40: Repeat row 2.

Row 41: *Sl st into first st, hdc into next. Rep from * till end. Ch 1, turn.

Row 42-49: Repeat row 41.

Row 50: Repeat row 41 for 12 sts, then ch 3, skip two sts, continue pattern till end of row. Fasten off.


Fold your case from bottom until it overlaps the first row of Camomile. Sew up each side using Tangerine yarn. Weave in all loose ends. Attach the button slightly below the three chain button loop with yarn. Viola! Your crochet sunglasses case is complete! And it’s cute and chic. I hope you adore yours as much as I do mine.



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