Autumn weather is fully here and although I’m sad to see summer go, I am loving the fall colours and I’m starting to settle into all things cozy and crochet such as this beanie. The great thing about this beanie pattern is that it’s not quite a beanie; it has a bit of a slouch to it, so I decided to call this one Easy Not so Beanie Crochet Beanie! It’s a mouthful but it fits. Made with chunky yarn, it hooks up in no time as it’s worked with the round with only two stitches. Perfect project for those just learning how to work in the round.

I love the fit of this and I chose a colour that will go with everything, a lovely slate grey. If you have been following my blog for a while now, you know that I adore colour, but this time around I wanted something neutral. The fit of this has a bit of a slouch to it, so play with it until you like the look of this not so beanie beanie. This hat will keep the wind from chilling you and looks great paired with black jackets or even brightly coloured coats. And you hook this up in an afternoon!

Easy Not so Beanie Crochet Beanie Pattern


Not important for this project. 

Finished dimensions 

When laid flat as a circle, 91/2”  


8.00mm (G) hook 
90 yards chunky yarn
Craft needle 


Loops & Threads Cozy Wool, one skein in Pewter 

Stitches Used 

Hdc-half double crochet
Slst-slip stitch 

 Row One: Ch 5, join with a slst. Ch 2, counts as first hdc. Hdc five into the ring. 

Row Two: Ch 2, hdc into same st. 2hdc into ea st. 

Row Three: Ch 2, hdc into same st. *Hdc into next two sts; 2hdc into next st. Rep from * till end of row.  

Row Four: Ch 2, hdc into same st. *Hdc into next three sts; 2hdc into next st. Rep from * till end of row.  

Row Five: Ch 2, hdc into same st. *Hdc into next four sts; 2hdc into next st. Rep from * till end of row.  

Row Six-Ten: Ch 2, hdc into ea st around. 

Row Eleven-Twelve: Slst into first st, and into ea st around. Fasten off. Weave in loose ends. 

Grab the free pattern!

This pattern was fun to work up, and hopefully one you enjoy crocheting. It’ll certainly away the crisp fall air from making you shiver. I have many projects waiting to make their way onto the blog as I’ve been doing more crocheting than crochet blogging of late. You’ll see all of them in due time!  They are all cozy and just right for the colder days ahead. You can’t go wrong with warm wooly pieces to snuggle into on a bright cold winter day, so I’m making tons of them right now.

Be sure to check me out on Instagram for sneak peeks at what I’m hooking up. And use the hashtag #prettyincrochet so I can see your own not so beanie beanies!

Happy Crocheting everyone,


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