Lacy Lattice Wrap: Free Pattern

Lacy Lattice Wrap: Free Pattern

The Lacy Lattice Wrap drapes beautifully and the colours are lovely subtle blues, a change from many of the bright colours I have used in the past. This spring wrap is worked  in a lacy pattern that really shows off the drape of this wonderful DK wool from Willow and Lark. I read about the yarn online on someone’s wonderful crochet blog (wish I could remember which blog it was that I learned about this yarn from, but alas) and after some clicking and reading I decided that this yarn was perfect for a spring wrap. And so, the Lacy Lattice Wrap was born.


I debated about how to use the two colours in this wrap, but in the end I decided to go with large blocks of colour and I’m happy with how the piece turned out. It’ll add a little warmth to those of us who find a cool breeze chilling. And, it adds a bit of colour to your outfit. You all know how much I love colour, so that’s always something I consider when creating a project. The lighter weight of this yarn also lends it a spring feel, as does the open weave effect. All in all, a perfect spring wrap in my opinion 😉

Lacy Lattice Wrap Pattern



4 skeins each of Willow and Lark Ramble in Sea Green and Puddle Blue
4mm/G hook
Craft needle


Stitches (US Terms)

Sc-Single crochet
Dc-double crochet


Pattern Notes

Change colour when the skein runs out.

To begin, chain 87 using Sea Green.

Row 1: Dc in the fourth ch from hook, sc in same ch. *Ch 2, sk next 2 chains, dc in next and sc in same st. Rep from * across. Ch 3, turn.

Row 2: Sk first sc, dc in first dc and sc in same st. *Ch 2, sk next ch 2 sp and sc, dc in dc and sc in same st. Rep from * across. Ch 3, turn.

Rep row 2 for pattern using all eight skeins of yarn. Fasten off and weave in loose ends.


A very easy lacy pattern that a strong beginner can tackle. I haven’t had the chance to make use of this wrap yet; it’s still too cold in my neck of the woods and the wind blowing around right now feels as though it’s coming right down from the Yukon! So I’m still wearing a jacket. But, once the wind warms up, the sun is now warm enough that a little wrap like this one will be ideal, and I look forward to that day. Be sure to subscribe for more free patterns!




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