Recently, I went outside and discovered that it’s spring! Spring in Canada comes a little later, so it was nice to see some flowers budding out of the earth, bringing colour and life back to the drab brown landscape that winter had cast over us. And so I was inspired to create something for the spring that would brighten up my wardrobe and just scream spring. A crochet headband seemed the perfect project!

And so, the Little Daisy Headband, which is just so cute and sweet and sunshiny, came to be. I really think this project is cute and it was such fun to create, so I hope you try your hand at this little crochet headband.

I used a lovely cotton yarn which is super soft and lovely to work; you can find it at Michaels. It was the same yarn I used for my Robin Washcloth, and I once again loved working with this yarn. I was lucky enough to be able to dive right into creating this as I had the yarn in my stash and it worked up just as I envisioned in no time.

Little Daisy Headband Pattern

This pattern uses two colours, one for the headband and one for the flower accent. You’ll also need two different sizes of crochet hooks, a 5.00mm and a 4.00mm. This project is super simple and quick and you can whip up a ton of them in no time—if you need a ton of headbands that is. But it’s also the perfect project for a last minute birthday gift or for the crocheter just starting out in the craft.

The little flower adds a touch of the whimsical to this project, perfect for those who want to embrace the cottage core vibe. I can picture this piece paired with a flowy dress, possibly one with ruffles or some eyelet lace. Alternatively, this would look adorable with black slacks and a black tee as well.

picture of me wearing the little daisy crochet headband


One skein of Loops & Threads Cotton Capri in Bright Yellow

One skein of Loops & Threads Cotton Capri in White

5.00mm hook

4.00mm hook

Tapestry needle


Gauge: 1 inch = 3 stitches. However, gauge is not very important for this project.

Finished Dimensions: 9 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ assembled

You can find this pattern on:



crochet headband photo close up of white crocheted flower

Happy spring friends! I’m so glad it’s finally spring here when I live in Canada, it’s nice to have some sunshiny and warm days and I can’t wait to wear this headband as I stroll along on a walk with my baby, admiring the flowers and enjoying the bird song. Crochet is wonderful because you can find projects to suit every season, and if you need something to get into the spirit of spring, a quick project like the Little Daisy Headband is just the thing.

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