This cozy cowl is designed for comfort and the bright colours of berries make this Mid-Winter Berries Cowl a delightful addition to your winter wear. Made with a larger hook, and chunky yarn, this squishy cowl works up quick and easy. Designing easy pieces for you is something I love doing, and this one certainly allowed me to play with colour.

Winter tends to be grey and drab and it’s soon exhausting to see everything so colourless. It may not cause the winter blues, but it certainly doesn’t help in my opinion, so I do try and wear colour and I think everyone should! Moving away from black and grey and white can be very liberating, plus it adds personality and flair to your outfits. So please don’t be afraid of colour; playing with colour has been so much fun in my experience–especially in crochet!

I began this project with just one skein of Petal Pink yarn from Loops and Threads Cozy Wool. I sat, staring at my skein, admiring the colour and wondering what to make. It’s a delightful shade of pink, perfect for a baby blanket destined to adorn some little girl’s crib, but I knew I wanted to make something original with it. So I decided to dig through my yarn stash (once in a while the stash comes in handy this way) and found a leftover (from my Big Blanket Scarf project) skein of Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in Clematis. I lay the two skeins side by side, and viola! The idea of Mid-Winter Berries was born.

Mid-Winter Berries: Free Pattern


Gauge is not very important for this project. 


8.00mm (L) hook 

180 yards of yarn

Craft needle


One skein each of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in Clematis and Petal Pink

Stitches (US Terms)


Hdc-half double crochet 

Special Stitch  

Camel stitch-Yarn over, insert your hook into the back ridge loop of the half double crochet from the previous row and complete the stitch.

Grab the PDF

I hope you love this cowl! It’s immensely soft and for me, it’s all about comfort especially if you’re out in the cold. Or, if you’re like me, you tend to become cold easily. Big cozy pieces like this add warmth and just brighten up your days in so many ways. Please be sure to subscribe to the blog for more free patterns. Until next time friends,


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