Made with hand dyed yarn

The Neon Dream scarf was made using a stunning varigated yarn and is likely the best piece I’ve made using variegated yarn to date. I recently went to a truck show at my LYS and a local dyer had so many skeins of gorgeously dyed yarn I almost died from yarn love. I bought five skeins, but only one in this colour, which the dyer called Neon Dream. She was super awesome at naming her dyes (colours?) and I can’t wait to work with the others, which are dreamy and cool.

Find yarn by the dyer on Esty

This scarf was super easy to work up. I used a 4.50mm hook (a half size down from a G hook) and used the herringbone half double crochet size. Since this is fingering weight yarn, this project took my about a month to work up because the fine yarn was more tricky to work into the stitch I chose. But I think the time and effort was well worth it as the scarf is to die for!

Neon Dream Scarf


Gauge is not very important for this project. 


One skein of Neon Dream by Made Science Dye & Fiber

4.50mm hook

Stitches (US Terms)


Dc-double crochet


Hbhdc-herringbone half double crochet. Yarn over, insert hook into stitch. Pull hook through the stitch and yarn as if you are slip stitching. Chain one, yarn over and pull all the loops on your hook.

Grab the PDF

The thing that I think is amazing about this scarf is that I could wear right now with a white or black sweater and it adds an element of colour and interest to my outfit for work, or for a night out with the girls, or that special someone. BUT I could also use this as a spring scarf because of the bold colours and it’s light weight. Under a tan jacket, this would look incredible.

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  1. Hi there, for this pattern (neon dream scarf) your instructions for the hbhdc includes a ch1 in the stitch. Is that possibly a typo error? Maybe just a twist to this stitch? Btw love the yarn choice,
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hey there! It’s definitely a twist on the stitch, but trust me it turns out AMAZING.

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