5 Wonderful Crochet Bookmarks

5 Wonderful Crochet Bookmarks
Made using the Danity Daisy pattern.

I love reading so today I’m sharing some wonderful crochet bookmarks with you. All the patterns are free so that is a bonus because who doesn’t love free stuff? I have always loved pretty bookmarks and I have dozens tucked into books here and there. But now that I can make my own, well, it’s tempting to make a ton of them! But I’ve gathered for you today the crochet bookmarks I like the most. I’m also going to say collecting good quality patterns was not easy! I never expected it to hard to find five free bookmark patterns that were cute and fun and free but it was, so I’m especially proud of myself for rounding these up. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Dainty Daisy Bookmark. I found this one a while ago on Daisy Cottage Designs, and I did hook it up. I didn’t include the button myself because I used a chain 5 to create my circle. I think I might have made this before I learned the magic of the magic ring. But the pattern is easy to follow and this is a great bookmark to gift to any lover of reading.

Little Owl Bookmark. This free pattern is on Ravelry  and was created by Jelly Designs. It is too cute for words and would make a lovely gift for a child or adult. I would love to make one for myself. The pattern is in UK terms, so that would slow me down as I’d need to check my US to UK chart, but I don’t think that’s a big deal when you would have such a cute crochet bookmark.

Granny Square Bookmark. Little Monkeys Designs is a cute crochet site, and where I found the granny square bookmark. Granny squares are easy to make and I’m betting this crochet bookmark pattern works up quickly. The directions look easy to follow, and if you have granny squared before you can do this with no problem at all. I like the simplicity of this pattern and it’s vintage feel are a plus in my books.

Bontanical Bookmark. A lovely pattern found on Fiber Flux. Talk about gorgeous crochet bookmarks! I’m itching to get out my crochet hook when I look at this. It’s whimsical and I love the colour combo used in the picture. There is a video tutorial as well as written instructions. I doubt  you can go wrong if you try your hand at this pattern.

City Cat Bookmark. This pattern was also found on Ravelry, this time by Kathryn White. And cats and reading go together in my books, though my cat was never one to curl up in my lap while I was reading. He wanted the whole sofa. But any cat lover will love this bookmark and the pattern looks easy to follow. I might hook up a few of these cat crochet bookmarks as I know a couple of people who might like them.

Happy hooking my friends! Is there any other crochet love you’d like to see on Pretty In Crochet? Drop me a line in the comment section as I’m open to ideas from my readers and fellow crocheters.

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