Crochet mandala

Crochet mandalas make for lovely decorative pieces, and certainly add that vintage feel to a room. Last summer I was given a lovely book on mandalas, filled with patterns on how to make some lovely pieces. I was inspired to make a crochet mandala, or two, and started work immediately. But I was frustrated with the yarn I was using and the colour changing needed. Colour changing is something I am getting better at, but it’s a technique I tolerate.

I gave up on the mandala I started in my picture because the yarn was really not appropriate for the overall effect I wanted. I wanted something elegant and neat, and the cotton didn’t seem to match the vision I had in mind for the crochet mandala I wanted. So I found a yarn shop (not local, but a really nice one) and purchased some lighter weight cotton yarn. But I have yet to start my mandala, even though the piece I want to make would look fantastic in my bedroom. However, I hope I can share that mandala project with you soon.

The book pictured is one I have to recommend. It has gorgeous patterns, complete with photos and diagrams, so any crocheter can hook these up. And it’s pretty on the eyes of everyone who loves to crochet in my opinion. I love looking at pictures   of crochet pieces 🙂 I also like that the book is slim enough that you can take it with you, and the projects are ones that would be great to make if you wanted to crochet outside as both your yarn and book would be easily transportable. Can anyone else picture themselves crocheting in the park? I sure can, and my crochet mandala is likely the perfect project to bring along to keep my hands busy.

Ways to Use Crochet Mandalas

  • as a placemat
  • to sit beneath a potted plant or knick knack
  • make two the same and create a funky purse
  • as wall decoration
  • create it as a dreamcatcher to hang above your bed
  • create them small as coasters for cold drinks
  • turn it into a cushion cover
  • as a hot pad

Have you crocheted a mandala? Was it challenging or just creative fun? Share in the comments.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I love the colours together. So pretty!

    1. I liked the colour combo too! I have to find a place to use it now, or make a couple of more as a gift set of coasters.

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