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So I recently purchased some beautiful hand dyed yarn, and I tell you, these skeins call to me. So I searched for a pattern for this gorgeous yarn and came across one that is both elegant and easy. What more could a crocheter want?

I used about one and half skeins of 375yards of fingering weight yarn to create this piece. Of course, if you are taller than me (I am petite) you might want to use the full two skeins. The yarn I used is Victorian rose from Mad Science Dye an Fiber. She has an Etsy store. This is the same hand dyed yarn I used to create my Neon Dreams Scarf . 

So that’s what you need to know to get started this project. Oh, and I used a 4.50mm hook. I like the bigger hooks for fingering weight. You could use something smaller but I personally found this size to be perfect. So it’s my recommendation 🙂 Now, you need the pattern right???

No need to worry, it’s a free pattern and you can find it on Ravelry. Personally, I love finding free patterns which is why I offer so many of my patterns for free. But I will occasionally pay for patterns as well as I think it’s worth the extra few dollars for a special project. Now, this is my personal opinion, but I want to share my perspective with you because let’s face it, it really is an extra few dollars to buy a pattern. So I encourage you not to feel guilty to buy a pattern that is 4-8 dollars as it does help support designers and for a special project, you ought have a really nice pattern. Not that you can’t find that for free, but if you stumble across one that isn’t free, and love it, I say go for it.

Shawl was still in progress

The pattern I used for this shawl is free, it’s called the Lydia Shawl. There is both written directions and a chart too. And I think the chart is pretty good as it’s larger than some of the ones I’ve seen and colour coded, which helps. I can kinda read a chart, but sometimes how they’ve been depicted does confuse me. I’m more of a verbal learner, so I prefer the written patterns.

The Lydia Shawl Pattern

If you check out the pattern, you’ll see how beautifully this pattern works up with any yarn. At least, that is the impression I get from the photos! For my own shawl, I chose to go with a shell boarder and there are two boarder options offered in the pattern as well.

Pretty shell stitch boarder

As you can see, this pattern looks lovely with variegated yarn and likely will be gorgeous in both a self stripping or solid yarn. Very versatile pattern in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my shawl and finding the link to the pattern I used! I do like to share other designers with you as well as my own patterns and it’s been a while since I did that and seeing I had just hooked up th is amazing piece, I thought I really should share. Enjoy friends!

Happy Hooking,


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