Projects: Pastel Cozy Shawl

Projects: Pastel Cozy Shawl

Pastel Cozy Shawl is perfect to drap over yourself during the cooler spring days or in the summer evenings. I love the online magazine I Like Crochet. I have the iPad subscription and the projects in there are lovely and inspiring. It’s thanks to this collection of patterns that I have aspirations of becoming a designer myself. I would recommend this app to anyone as there are a lot of neat and easy and lovely patterns included that anyone at any level of knowledge can try out. I recently tried out a pattern and while the pattern hooked up beautifully I did run into a couple of hiccoughs.

My first issue was finding the yarn recommended for the project. It was not immediately available at the site I usually buy from and while I could have waited, I wanted the yarn NOW. I know many of you probably can relate. Secondly, the cost of the yarn was a little steep. OK, a lot steep. I decided to opt for a cheaper, but lovely acrylic yarn from Paintbox. Which by the way, was fab to work with and the colour choices will leave you drooling. I mean, just look at the colours in my Pastel Cozy Shawl! I was delighted when the yarn arrived and immediately started hooking up.

Therein was the second issue. I don’t really read Imperial measurements well. We use the metric system in Canada, and although I do understand pounds and feet, a length of 112 inches didn’t mean too much to me when I was reading the pattern. I’ve now learned I ought pull out my measuring tape and check measurements before I get started. Because I just spent weeks hooking up a lovely ten foot long shawl. Now, the pattern did say it was oversized but I have trouble getting this thing on. Maybe because I am a mere five feet tall. Maybe because I switched out what might have a stiffer yarn for a softer one. I am not sure.

I am not criticizing the designer of the shawl, but I do so wish that I could wear it functionally. I am experimenting with turning it into a crochet infinity shawl but so far that has not worked out. I am going to keep trying because it frogging it out is not appealing. But I will totally do that if it comes to it as the pattern and yarn are too lovely, and deserve the dedication of time if my infinity shawl experiments don’t turn out as I’d like. I’m determined to have my Pastel Cozy Shawl!

This project has provided me with a lot of learning when it comes to this craft. I tend to ignore measurements and just go with the flow with crochet. Not anymore. It also got me thinking about stitch count and how to modify that. I already have a plan of action in mind in case I need to frog this shawl and start again, a plan that I believe will make the shawl shorter and maintain the lovely stitch pattern. While this pattern didn’t turn out quite like I expected, I’d like to recommend I Like Crochet to you as I do love my subscription and the patterns and yarns I’ve found thanks to this lovely resource.

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