Projects: Pretty Fashion Headband

Projects: Pretty Fashion Headband

Want a quick and cute and functional project to hook up? Look no further, I’ve got a pretty fashion headband pattern on hand for you. I love Pinterest (who doesn’t?) as it’s a great way to get ideas on everything and a easy way to save those ideas for later. And a while back I found this pattern via Pinterest and pinned it to my ever growing crocheting board.

Recently, I needed something small enough to finish quick, but it also had to be something I had to focus on. Mindless crochet was not what I needed, and this pretty fashion headband pattern helped me be mindful and provided me with a cute new accessory too.

I’ve been learning about the health benefits of crochet, and what I most needed on the day I hooked this up was to calm down. I’ve been crocheting for a several years now, and while I always found crocheting soothing, it wasn’t until the day I made this headband that I really felt the benefit that crochet can bring to someone experiencing stress and anxiety. Focusing on the stitch count, having that little change in every row of this pattern, helped me practice mindfulness because the repetitive nature of the pattern, one that still required my attention, was it’s own form of meditation.

I found this lovely free pattern (which was very easy to follow) at Posh Patterns, a site I had not known of before, but will be visiting a bit more often now. That’s why Pinterest is great, it points you in the direction of awesomeness in so many ways. I’m inspired by the work of the others, the colours they use, the stitches, the projects they make, all of it gets my hands itchy for the next crochet project. Which might explain while I have so many WIPs.

I find that reading articles by other crafters gets me thinking more about the craft, how to become better at it, and just gets my creative juices flowing. The free patterns I find are always a bonus, and this pretty fashion headband pattern is exactly what I needed. I followed the pattern exactly for this headband, and it turned out nicely. Since I had similar colours to what was pictured on hand, I used those too for a neutral piece that will accessorize nicely with anything.  I did run out of yarn for the flower however, so mine is slightly less loopy but I still think it looks good so I am happy! It’s more of a fall piece I know, and while I won’t get immediate use from it, it’s nice to know that in the fall I’ll have something brand new on hand to jazz up an outfit.

I hope you have a lovely day crocheting.


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