Projects: The Blanket Stitch

Projects: The Blanket Stitch

Want to learn an easy peasy stitch? Try the blanket stitch! Last winter I wanted to hook up an afghan. I’m a bit of a lover of blanket making but the blanket I made was an exciting project for me because I had never used “fancy” stitches before. I know a lot of stitches now, but the blanket stitch was the first I used for a larger project. I wish I could share with you the stitch count I used, but I didn’t keep track.

However, I do know where I found the pattern for the blanket stitch and the instructions are very easy. I found the pattern at a blog called Crochet Spot. I can assure you a beginner can work up the blanket stitch and make a lovely blanket or scarf, and I was very happy with this tutorial which includes photos to help you along. As a beginner, I was delighted to find this useful pattern tutorial.

My blanket stitch afghan is cozy and warm, perfect for a chilly winter day. I love the way the stitch looks with this variegated yarn, and it has a lovely texture to it that looks great with a solid colour as well. The variegated yarn I used I found at Micheals. The fun colour combo looked so neat that I simply could not resist snatching it up. If you can single crochet and double crochet, you can easily learn the blanket stitch.  I had a lot of fun working this up, and I think this is the project where I really started to realize that I could make all sorts of things that were beautiful and unique with just my crochet hook. It was super exciting. Want to give this stitch a try? Here’s the pattern for you. Happy hooking friends!

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