Sweet Purses for Little Girls: Projects

Sweet Purses for Little Girls: Projects

I am so excited to share my Sweet Purses with you today! Someone asked me to make a little purse for a three year old, and of course I was eager to hook up a new project. I chose bright colours naturally, and I think the purses turned out really cute. While I don’t have a pattern written out for these purses, they are not hard to make.

pink purse

For the pink purse, I chained a length I thought was small enough for a little girl to put in her valuables like lip balm and hair pins and a toy or two. Then I simply used the lemon peel stitch to create a long rectangle. Once I had a rectangle long enough to fold over into a square (so that it had a flap) I made sure my last row had a button hole by skipping some stitches. I’d recommend an even amount so the button hole comes to the middle. Then, I just whipped the sides together, attached the button and chained (holding two together) until I had a good length for a child sized strap. Sewed that on and viola! Sweet pink purse made.

purple purse

The purple purse was made exactly the same way except that I used the half double stitch until the last row where I used the crunch stitch to get that nice textured effect. The purple purse is smaller, so obviously I crocheted a shorter length. I was counting at the time but I didn’t write a thing down and my numbers went clear out of my head. Hopefully today’s post has given you some inspiration to help you create your own sweet purses. I can’t decide which purse I like better personally, but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Happy hooking everyone!

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