If you are looking for cozy items to crochet, then this book is for you. I am a lover of both books and crochet, and so it makes sense that I would want books about crochet. In fact, I own several. Today, I wanted to share with you one crochet pattern book that I think is just lovely.

Blankets have always been my most favourite of projects to crochet. Cuddly and warm, there is nothing better than pulling out a blanket to crochet during the winter time. I also love that blankets are easy to crochet, the stitches are usually easy and repetitive and that makes the project so soothing to work on. I’ve made so many blankets in the past that I’ve been sternly told to STOP by family, as no one needs another blanket.

But, I have found a book of blanket patterns that call to me…

Striped Crochet Blankets by Haafner Linssen

Subtitled 20 Modern Heirlooms to Crochet, I bought this book from Amazon before I was a Prime member so I could get free delivery and aren’t I glad I did! This book has lovely patterns that are beautifully photographed, and I really love the layout as well as you get a bit of a description of the blanket, then important information such as difficulty level, materials needed etc. Written instructions are provided, as well as a diagram. So any crocheter can hook these up!

The layout is easy on the eyes, and provides you with everything you need to crochet your project–one of twenty stunning blankets. I love all of them for different reasons, and I think that no matter your style, there is a blanket pattern in this book for you. The written instructions are easy to follow and for someone like me, that is stumped by diagrams, this is key.

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Each pattern also comes with tips and techniques so that you have that right at your fingertips even before you get started, which helped me decide which blanket to begin with. Because I hate it when I start something and then realize that it’s going to drive me wild and have to frog it all and start something totally different. Yes, I’m that crocheter.

The first chapter is the longest and is devoted to blanket patterns. But, the second chapter is additional project patterns which is lovely to have, all for the home, and the third chapter focuses on colour and technique and I love that it outlines how to upsize or downsize a blanket!

Which Pattern Will I Hook Up?

I’ve spent some time oohing and ahhing over the photos and examining the patterns and trying to decide which blanket I would hook up first. Because, of course I am going to make another blanket. My bed needs a splash of colour being all white currently. The wonderful thing about this pattern book is that there are many styles played with–stripes in boxes, granny style stripes, stripes created using shorter and higher stitches and all look fun and lovely. But, I finally settled on the pattern I would hook up, and so far it has proved a delight to crochet.

The pattern I chose would be Hanoi, featured on page 44. If you want to see some of this designer’s amazing work, check out her blog, which will surely convince you of her talent and make you yearn to grab your crochet hook, and crochet the day away.

Final Thoughts

My thought right now is that this book is awesome; the pattern is proving very easy to follow and the helpful tips helped me decide that this was the pattern for me, as there is some assembly required at the end. I think that pattern book is a great one for anyone who truly loves crochet and that it’s totally worth the investment. Crochet is worth the money friends. Happy crocheting!

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