Recently, I made a trip to Michaels and decided to try out Loops and Threads Capri Cotton yarn. I had seen this yarn around for a while, but hadn’t picked it up because I didn’t know what I do with kind of a cotton yarn. But lately, I have been tiring of using some of my favourites from Michaels, and wanted to stash away natural fibres. Which my Michaels doesn’t have a lot of, sadly. So I went out a bit of a limb and bought some yarns that I otherwise usually wouldn’t. Loops and Threads Capri Cotton was one of those, and soon I was crocheting a few pieces that aren’t the sort of items I usually crochet.

You could say I was inspired.

One of those pieces was my Robin Washcloth, which is a cute little washcloth I designed. Another is still in the works, but you might see it in the future. Today, however, I wanted to review the yarn and let you know what I think.

Am I a Yarn Snob?

Now, once I started shopping at yarn shops that were local, and privately owned, I did become aware that the yarns available at big box stores like Michaels aren’t always great. In fact, they might even be limiting us as crocheters. Branching out into natural fibres like merino wool and cotton really changes the way the the project looks and feels.

I mean, there is nothing like working with merino wool and pima cotton. The drape, the bounce, the feel of it. I do love working with natural fibres, and thus am a yarn snob in that respect. Big box stores yarns are really falling flat for me lately. Like, a lot. So yes, I am a bit of a yarn snob. I want squishy, luscious yarn preferably made from natural fibres.

But…I do still use big box store yarns, most of which are made man fibres, and think some of them are quality–like Lion Brand Heartland.


You get 174 yards in this little skein (which is small and fat and really cute) so it’s a nice amount of yarn you get for a moderately priced cotton yarn. It’s a worsted weight yarn, so I’m pretty happy with the yardage.

Colour Choice

I love them! You have bright colours and that for me, is a win. I personally picked up the White, Bright Yellow and Turquoise. Considering I had no idea what I wanted to do with this yarn, I just went with colours I liked and could be easily paired.


So this cotton yarn isn’t entirely made of cotton. It is made of 57% cotton, 28% nylon, 15% polyester. And it’s nicely spun and has a bit of bounce to it as well as softness. It’s not always easy to find a nice cotton yarn that isn’t a bit rough and dry, but this one is super nice. I loved working with it and the washcloth I made is super soft against my skin so it’s a really winner when it comes to softness.


In my opinion, this yarn is perfect for home pieces–pillows, washcloths, dishcloths, etc. It’s also likely going to be good for projects like bags or purses, but I’m not sure I’d chose this for a wearable. It would be great for scarves and shawls, if you like that kind of look for those projects, but I’m not sure I’d reach for this for a top or sweater. But it’s certainly not completely out of the questions, so I’d say this yarn is pretty versatile.

Love it or Not?

I like this yarn, but I don’t love it. I don’t think this is going to become a yarn I use again and again, but it certainly is nice to work with. The biggest win for me was the softness of this yarn and how well it washed. The biggest draw back was I don’t see a lot of project options for this outside of home accessories. But, it’s a good yarn so give it a try.

That’s my review! I hope you enjoy these posts, please let me know if you, and your thoughts on this yarn if you have tried it out.

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  1. I love this yarn! Price is affordable also! Thank You!

    1. My pleasure Felicia!

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