Ever since I have started crocheting, I have always been open to using yarns that were basic and affordable. I stuck to acrylic because my favourite brand, Loops & Threads (Impeccable) which you find at Michaels, had a huge variety of colour and also because it was super affordable—especially when it went on sale.

Of course, as I started to get deeper into the craft, and started to shop at local yarn shops, I began to branch out in the types of fibres I used, as well as experimenting with different weights of yarn. And the more I use wool and merino wool and cotton yarns, the pickier I am about what acrylic yarns I use. I’ve become a bit of a yarn snob.

However, I still use yarns you can find at Michaels, so today I’m sharing my very first Lionbrand yarn review!

Now, Lionbrand was always a brand I was a little lukewarm about. I could only find it at Michaels, and Michaels only carried a few lines—Vanna’s Choice, Homespun, and Heartland to name a few. And the only one I really liked was Heartland until I found Truboo, which I totally adore-and that is a yarn I will review as well at some point.

However, more recently, I discovered that Lionbrand has many lines of yarn, some of which never hit the shelves at Micheals, and so I started looking at their site to find out more about the brand.

Lionbrand Kits

Once I was on the Lionbrand site, I noticed they have a lot of lines of yarn that are only available online. They also have lots of kits which while I was uncertian of in the past, now seems like a really good idea because you do get everything you need with it. I did order one kit, which came with the Caboo yarn, which I found very similar to Truboo when I was working up the project.

I’ve also ordered another kit that uses Hue + Me, and I’ll talk more about that project in another post.

Hometown Yarn

Hometown was a line that my local Micheals has only recently started carrying. And my reaction in store to it was “meh.” It gave me the impression of pilling easily and just otherwise being a pain to work. It also isn’t well displayed in the store, so maybe that played into my impression of it as well. I don’t use a lot of chunky yarn anyway, so I passed it up on several occasions.

However, I recently needed a chunky yarn for a project I was working to repurpose a footstool, and once online I saw that there wasn’t anything in the chunky category that suited my project, so I decided to see what was available in the super chunky. I decided that Hometown was best suited to my project and had the exact colour I wanted, so I thought, why not.


One skein has 81 yards, which is pretty standard for a chunky yarn so I have no complaints there. I have not found any knots or breaks in the yarn either, which is awesome.

Colour Choice

You do get a decent selection of colour with this line of yarn, and I like that as it frustrates me so much when I find a yarn I like but they have a limited selection colour. Browns and beiges have their place, but I like colour so bring it on. I am especially loving the colour I chose for the project I intended this yarn for, so I’m really happy.

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Honestly, I thought this yarn would feel lower grade, but instead the yarn is nice and super and pretty darn squishy too! I could easily see this yarn being someone’s go to for hats and scarves and even blankets. The yarn does not split as you work with it, and produces a nice thick, drape-y fabric.

lionbrand yarn review photo of the yarn worked in the round.


You could definitely use this yarn for wearables, and for home projects like blankets and pillows. I could this maybe being used for amigurumi as it would create big plush toys, and so I’d say this yarn is pretty versatile.

Love it Or not?

I honestly really like this yarn! I think I would use it again for winter hats and scarves. It would be lovely to make a big and squishy baby blanket out of this as well, and I’m actually surprised by how much I do like this yarn.

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