If you are just venturing into crochet, it might seem a little daunting at first. If you’re all fingers, or discouraged for whatever reason, don’t be because everyone was a beginner once! There is a plethora of resources for crochet online, and I’ve designed a series of photo tutorials to help get your started. Each tutorial provides written instructions accompanied by a step by step photos and are easy to follow. Soon, you’ll be crocheting your first project.


Crochet Stitches

How to Crochet, Beginner Basics. This post teaches you the chain stitch. Or, as I think of it, the foundation of crochet!

How to Crochet the Single Crochet. The title says it all. In this post, you’ll find written instructions assisted by some photos to help you learn how to single crochet.

Special Edition: How to Crochet the Slip Stitch. You are not going far in crochet without this, so I created a special post just to teach this basic crochet stitch.

How to Crochet Half Double Crochet. An easy crochet stitch, and one you’ll see a lot in patterns.

How to Crochet the Double Crochet. If you can do the half double, this isn’t much harder and is used in a ton patterns.

How to Crochet the Treble Crochet. A tall, fun stitch that creates a lovely drape.

How to Crochet a Standing Stitch. A useful technique when crocheting in the round.

How Make a Magic Ring. This technique is one of the best ways to begin crocheting in the round. And yes, it’s magical 😉


Happy Crocheting,