You’d like to use some high quality acrylic yarn? I understand and I will say, not all acrylic yarns are created equal.

I used to frequent a local-ish yarn shop until it closed down, and I noticed a bit of an attitude when it came to yarn from some others who also frequented the shop. And that was in regards to where you purchased your yarn and what that yarn was made from.

You might have have also run across this kind of snobbery in the yarn world. It seems that if you use acrylic yarn, which is much more easier to find, and shop in big box craft stores like Michaels, then you are somehow a lesser crafter of all things crochet and knit. I mean, I’ve seen people literally scoff at the idea of shopping at Michaels, as though you can only get good yarn at a LYS. Which is simply not true in my opinion.

I shop in a variety of locations when it comes to yarn. When that yarn shop was open, I went there several times a year and always purchased some great yarn. I still have some stashed away. But I also shop online and at Micheals. And there are some great quality yarns you get can at those big box stores that are acrylic and look and feel lovely when worked up. These brands and lines are what I consider high quality acrylic yarn.

Lion Brand

Lion Brand is top of my list when it comes to nice quality acrylic yarns. I particularly like their Heartland line and the Demin line. I have made several pieces with both of these and find the yarn soft and easy to work with. I will say, I don’t like Vanna’s Choice personally even though it’s a popular line, but I think Lion Brand offers high quality acrylic yarn and I’d recommend it to someone who is learning, is looking to save some money or who is making a smaller project like a hat or scarf.

Paint Box

I have used this yarn for a HUGE project and found it delightful to work with. Their worsted acrylic line has a wonderful selection of colour–it’s huge friends, huge–and you can’t beat that if you love to work with colour. Which I do. You can find Paint Box on LoveCrafts, and I’m sure you will love it if you don’t already.

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Loops and Threads

This is the Michaels brand, and I honestly love it. It’s affordable, and has a great colour selection and works up really nicely. It’s great for showcasing stitches like the lemon stitch or the berry stitch. It’s perfect for amigurigi too. I began crocheting with this brand and I still use it. I especially love the Impeccable line, it’s worsted weight, perfect for beginners, and again, the colour selection. Plus, you only need 2-3 skeins to make a scarf. So what is not to love?

High quality acrylic yarn photo. Photo of a skein of Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn in a teal blue colour.

Caron Cakes

By Yarnspirations, these are exclusively available at Michaels and I love these. Self stripping yarn, never-ending yardage, and so colourful and squishy, I want to take the whole aisle home. I have plenty of this stashed away, believe you me. I have made blankets, scarfs, even a granny square style shawl. If you are looking for a high quality acrylic yarn that is self stripping, you cannot go wrong with Caron Cakes.

Red Heart

Red Heart isn’t a brand I often purchase, but I have worked with it before and while it’s not my go to for acrylic yarns, it is a good brand. I have loved working with their Boutique Unforgettable, which are wonderful for shawls and scarves, and their Soft line is very nice as well. I made my son a little hat with Soft for Halloween in fact, and he looked darn cute. I like the sheen on it which some of the other brands above don’t have.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, I honestly believe that you can make it lovely pieces with acrylic yarn and that there are brands out there that provide us with high quality acrylic lines to choose from, and most of them have a wonderful colour selection as well, which is a plus for me as I love to play with colour. Sometimes with wild results, but still. Friends, I hope you will check out these brands the next time you are planning a crochet project.

Do you have any brands for acrylic yarn you’d like to add to the list? Share your favourites in the comments below.

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