Which fibres are best when it comes to crocheting? I don’t know about you, but I have found that some fibres seem to lend themselves extremely well to crochet, whereas as others don’t as much. For some projects, I want to show off the stitch. And for those, I sometimes struggle when selecting yarn as I believe (but don’t know for certain) that some yarns just aren’t as friendly to crocheting as they are to knit. So, when it comes to selecting yarn for crochet projects, I tend to stick to a few fibres that I think work up really well and lend themselves to crochet beautifully. There are both certain brands of yarn, and certain fibres I favour and think are the best when crocheting.

That said, I do like to experiment and try all sorts of brands and yarn types. How else do you find new amazing yarns to work with if you don’t branch out?

Merino Wool

Top of my list is merino wool. I absolutely love working with merino wool and think that it lends itself to amazing stitch definition. Made from the wool of merino sheep, this wool is known to be good for both winter and summer wear because it both holds in your body’s moisture vapours to trap in warmth, and evaporates them so as to be cooling in warmer temperatures. Merino wool is super soft, and can really show off a lovely stitch such as the lemon peel stitch. I personally love Sugarbush’s Bold which is a worsted yarn made entirely of merino wool. I also love Malabrigo, which has lovely variegated yarns. Merino wool is the best crochet fibre in my books.

What Have I Made with Merino Wool?

I have made shawls with this lovely yarn, in a lace weight. I have also made a sweater, in a worsted weight, and that is super comfy and warm. I have also made hats and scarves, and honestly, I’d use merino wool to make just about any garment.

Best crochet fibres photo. Photo of the lemon peel stitch up close.
The Lemon Peel Stitch. Yarn used is Sugarbush Bold.


I really adore working with bamboo yarn. Shiny as silk, this a lovely light weight yarn that has great stitch definition, and stunning drape. Which is why I use it for scarves a lot. Made like paper, but from bamboo, this is a breathable and sweat resistant yarn, and I can’t get enough of it. I love Lion Brand’s Truboo as they have amazing colours–another perk of bamboo yarn is that the fibres take on colour well and so we have an amazing array of colours when selecting from bamboo yarn. I also love Universal’s Bamboo Pop which has generous yardage for a reasonable price.

What Have I Made with Bamboo?

I have made several scarves with bamboo, and also started a sweater with this yarn. I absolutely love crocheting scarves with this, as they are so chic and sweet. Making a garment with this kind of fibre is exciting and I can already tell the garment will look elegant and pretty. Which is always my aim in crochet 😉

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Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is the most high end cotton you can get, and I prefer working with pima cotton over conventional cotton. It has longer fibres, and thus is more silky and soft. It also lasts longer. I have made a few shawls with this and I find it easy to work with. It has lovely drape and is wonderful for spring and summer garments. I really love Borgo DePazzi Pima which is sold in hanks. I also love it for it’s stitch definition and soft feel. Cascade Ultra Pima is also nice to work with, and there is a nice colour selection as well.

What Have I Made with Pima Cotton?

I have made shawls with pima cotton, and I have also played around with using the yarn for mandalas, which is proving quite nice as well. I don’t often work with this fibre, but it would lend itself nicely as well to a simple garment pattern.


Wool is great to work with as well, and I’ve tried several brands as well. I return to Cascade Superwash 220 because the colour selection is amazing, and I don’t find that is has the itchy quality that some wools have. I also like that while this is a worsted weight, it’s a little on the light side so you get a lightweight garment once you’ve done hooking up your project. I have also used Willow and Lark’s Ramble and that is quite nice to work with as well. Wool has lovely stitch definition, which is why I like working with this fibre.

What Have I Made Using Wool?

I have made a lovely and warm shawl using wool, I have made large warps as well, and a scarf, as well as a little sweater for my son. I tend to shy away from using wool because I do find it quite warm, so I reverse it for projects that I want to provide warmth and comfort.

In Conclusion

I love working with natural fibres like wool and cotton that really showcase crochet stitches. With such lovely stitches as the berry stitch, the lemon peel stitch and shell stitches, it’s great to have the perfect yarn to really make those stitches shine. So far these are all the best crochet fibres I have found.

Know of other great brands that really showcase crochet stitches? Share down below in the comments.

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