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What’s Inside My Crochet Bag

I think we all love knowing what’s inside of people private places—bedrooms, drawers, bags. And of course crocheters are always interested in learning about new tools and accessories that might be helpful or are just cute. Curiosity killed the cat right? So today I want to share what’s inside my crochet bag—or rather, my crochet drawer. I keep all my tools and notions in a little drawer by my crochet chair, and this little area of the home is my crochet nook.

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inside my crochet bag photo of crochet hooks inside a drawer organizer

Inside my crochet drawer, I have a small wicker utensil divider that I’ve had for literally years now. I don’t even remember where I got it. I used to use in a desk drawer to organize my pens and pencils etc, but life changes and now it’s in my crochet drawer. In one area, I keep the larger hooks that I don’t much use. I don’t tend to work with a lot of bulky or super bulky yarn so I like having the hooks, but I’ve organized them all together in one section of the divider. In the middle section, I keep my Furls hooks because they are resin, and I’ve heard resin hooks can break and so I keep them away from the hooks I use the most—my Clover hooks which have metal heads. Some of these are also quite small hook sizes, so I want these hooks kept at the very back of the drawer so that if my son opens the drawer, he’ll be less likely to grab one of these and poke out an eye. 

Mothers honestly worry about that. It’s a thing. A weird thing, but a thing. 

Mixed in with my Clover hooks, I also have some other hooks—a set Happily Hooked set me when I signed up for a membership, the Susan Bates hook set I originally started crocheting with, and some other ones I’ve picked up here and there including a Lykke hook. 

love the Lykke hook and really would love to get a whole set, but they are a little pricey and seeing as I have so many hooks already, I don’t really think I can justify it to myself…but these hooks are amazing to work with.

Notions and Thingys 

In this drawer, I also keep some notions. I have a little set of plastic stitch markers that I purchased from Amazon, and I keep them in the handy case they were sent in. I used to avoid stitch markers like the plague because I was too lazy to bother with them, but as I’ve been taking up more projects that require a lot of stitch/row counting or in which I’m learning new skills, I do use these stitch markers. And it’s lovely to have them in their own little case. 

I also have an old set of stitch markers I don’t use as I never liked how they pull at the yarn, but they came in a little case too and in there I keep my weaving needles. 

At the back of the drawer, tucked behind my wicker divider are two pom pom makers from Clover, which are soooo useful. I don’t often make pom poms, but when I do, these never let me down and are quick and easy to use.

Some months ago, I bought a swatch ruler which came with a needle/hook gauge. I don’t use the hook gauge because I don’t need it, but I suppose if I ever came into possessions of vintage hooks that were unlabelled it would be handy, so I keep it. The gauge ruler I use when designing. 

And, the crowning pieces of the notions set are my scissors—one pair I bought years ago because I wanted nice, sharp scissors for cutting my yarn, and the other is a more recent purchase because why not?

Tunisian Crochet Set 

On top of all this is, of course, my lovely Tunisian crochet set. I bought the Clover set because I trust the brand. Their hooks are amazing and I really didn’t like the look of some other brands and while I considered others, the price was a little extra steep so I decided, why risk it? The Clover set was a little over $100 Canadian (which is much cheaper than what Michaels Canada sells it for) and I knew that Clover couldn’t disappoint. I simply place the little pouch that holds the set on top of the wicker divider and close the drawer and all my tools and notions are safely tucked away. 

Why A Drawer and Not a Bag??

Easy! I have a toddler and a rabbit. I don’t want my son getting into my crochet tools. He could lose them, hurt himself or the hooks. I’m thinking little teeth marks on my Furls…can you imagine?! 

Rabbits love to chew things. Their teeth are constantly growing so pet bunnies need to chew toys and lots of hay (their primary diet) to keep the teeth a proper length. My rabbit loves to chew silicon. She has chewed my Clover Amour hook handles and will do it again if the hooks are left lying around. I don’t trust her around my Tunisian cords either. So everything is safely kept tucked away from the curious hands of my wee toddler boy, and the super sharp teeth of my bunny rabbit.

Also, the drawer is easy to look through and find exactly what I need without too much rummaging around. 

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