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Diary of Lifelong Crocheter Learning to Knit

I’m really diving into knitting now that I’ve started learning to knit. And I thought it would both fun and neat to document my learning journey. When I learned to crochet, the journey was broken up by years and even decades and when I was really diving into crochet, I dove into the deep end because I had some skills under my belt. Having skills under my belt meant that once I learned how to read a pattern, I could hit the ground running. I could crochet a lacy shawl with no difficulty.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a lot to learn about crochet. Because I did, and I am still learning all of the time. But it does mean that I am not really diving into knit into the same way as I am learning. I’m more like wadding in. You can read more about all of that in my post about why I am learning to knit.

An Ambitious Beginner

I had decided to learn knitting by learning to knit socks. Which I knew was ambitious. But really, we can learn to do hard things. Not everyone’s first project has to be a washcloth. But, between beginning with a fingering weight yarn, on tiny 2.25mm needles with a 40″ circular cord, I was deeper into the wadding pool than I thought I would be. The cord kept twisting and I couldn’t understand how to join in the round when the 68 or 72 stitches I cast on didn’t go from one end of the cord to the other, and the cord kept twisting. There was also this mysterious magic loop thrown into the mess and the cord kept twisting.

I soon decided it was utter madness with this twisty long cord and threw the needles into a box and picked up a crochet hook. Because that was soothing. But I wasn’t done with knit yet.

The Trouble with Knitting Needles

I decided that before I continued trying to learn to knit socks that I should just practice some knitting on a small, basic piece. So I found a lovely headband pattern and got going. I even got new yarn and needles for it since the pattern called for a bulky weight. But my stitches seemed impossible to knit into. They were too tight I thought. My husband’s aunt later told me they weren’t and proved it by knitting into them effortlessly. So I’m not sure why I was having so much trouble, but she did show me how to hold onto my stitches to move them along the needle and so as to not stretch the stitches. But I still couldn’t manage it so I switched to metal needles and soon I was knitting away.

Which I guess brings us to the topic of what kind of knitting needles you should use: metal or bamboo? Of course, like in crochet, it boils down to preference and sometimes what fibre you are working with, but it seemed I was doing better with metal needles. I had proudly knitted several rows of stockinette stitch and then, I purled when I should have knitted or vise versa and fixing that was quite tricky. I already forget how to “tink” or unknit.

So the trouble with knitting needles is threefold so far as I can see it: what material to use, to use straights or circular, and the kind of cords on those circulars. Because they are not all created equal. And honestly…I’ve watched so many videos on knitting needles that my head is spinning. I can see why many would give up on this craft.

Slow and Steady…

So have I progressed at all in knitting? Yes. I can knit and purl. My tension is pretty even. And I have completed one project, a simple garter stitch headband. But to be honest, I am feeling a little lost in this craft. What do I do next? Another basic project? Should I try socks again? Or perhaps an easy scarf or shawl? Should I focus on learning another skill, such as increasing and decreasing? I am not sure. I have been instead experimenting with needles because I need to find what works best for me. And so far, when I knit, my hands hurt. I think I’m gripping the needles too hard.

So far I like the Chiaogoo Red Lace circulars because the cords don’t twist. I’m currently trying out the Pyrm Ergonomic circulars as I want to protect my hands and wrists as much as possible. I also have Clover bamboo straights and a generic pair of metal needles as well as some Knitter’s Pride Dreamz, but the cords on these do twist. Constantly. And I’m waiting on the Knitter’s Pride Cubics Nova Platina circulars to arrive. I’m hoping those will be heaven to knit with.

knitters pride package with knitting needles lifelong crocheter learning to knit photo

This is only the first entry of this crocheting into knitting diary. I will keep you updated. But I have to say…I’m not sure why I didn’t stick to knitting in the past. It’s quite a soothing sensation when you are working the stitches. I hope I can become an accomplished knitter.

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