Dust and Roses Crochet Cowl Pattern

Several months ago, I acquired this lovely yarn from Ancient Arts Yarn, who I had been following on Instagram for quite some time, and I was so excited to find some of their yarn in an LYS I go to from time to time as it’s not so local. And I knew right away what kind of cowl I wanted to make. I could see it in my mind. Bringing that vision to life has bought me a lot of joy and I’m excited to have brought it to life.

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And that cowl is the Dust and Roses Cowl that I’m sharing with you today. I’m absolutely in love with how this turned out. It’s an easy make, but looks complex so it’ll really impress your family and friends. It’ll be a lovely pop of colour under your winter coat and is going to add a touch of warmth and colour to my own new wool jacket that my husband bought me for Christmas. I’m especially proud of this design, so I hope you love it as much as I do.

Dust and Roses Cowl Pattern

This is a worsted weight yarn made with 25% Manx Loagthan and 75% Punta Arenas Wool, which makes this quite a durable yarn. Manx loagthan wool is much sought after because there are less than 7000 of this breed of sheep left in the world. I quite liked working with this yarn, it’s pretty soft and doesn’t itch to the touch. I used my favourite hook size–a 5mm and I used a method that allows for easy colour changes and very few ends to weave in.

So while this pattern might look tricky, it is a great one for a beginner (as always, I try and intentionally design my patterns to be friendly to those new to crocheting) and the pattern guides you through how to create the textured stitches you see. I promise, you can hook this up in no time.

I love these blushy pinks for the winter months, they remind me of winter berries for some reason and I think they are lovely to wear in the colder months. But of course, you do this with lovely deep blues or more golden hues as well. Having just two colours really makes it fun–and easy!–to create a look that is personalized to your style and preference. My testers used a variety of colours for their cowls, and each of them is lovely!


You’ll need one skein each of Lascaux Worsted in the colours Posy and Wild Rose. Posy is a discontinued colour but there are other colours in this base you could pair nicely to achieve a similar look. Or, use whatever colours you like!!

Yarn needle


You can also find this pattern on Ravelry.

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