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Why I’m Learning to Knit

Lately, I decided to learn to knit. I have always kinda, sorta wanted to learn to knit, but there were a lot of reasons why I wasn’t taking up any knitting needles. I wanted to learn more crochet skills, I didn’t have a lot of time etc. If you want to know about why I don’t knit, and why I wasn’t super interested in learning, you can more about that in this article about why I don’t knit.

But, I have decided I should learn to knit. I haven’t exactly expanded my skill set in crochet as much I wanted to as of yet, and it’s not like I have more time on my hands but while there are plenty of practical reasons why I could continue to put off taking the time to learn, the reality is that there is no time like the present.

I gave myself a year to up my crochet skills and push into things like mosaic crochet and Tunisian crochet, and then life went nuts in that year and I spent a good chunk of it completely unable to crochet in any way that allowed me to push and challenge myself and grow my skill set. Because life happens you know? And I think that while I could continue to be “practical”, and just focus on crochet, it might just be best to just dive into knitting and expand my skill set more organically instead of from a check list of plans. Right now I want to learn after all.

Why Do I *Suddenly* Want to Learn?

I specifically want to learn to knit so that I can knit socks. I know I can crochet socks, but I wonder if the stitches would be too thick and textured and not feel comfy on the feet. I have patterns with flat stitches and I want to crochet socks too. But I really want to knit socks. I feel like there are so many stunning knit patterns out there for socks and I just want to do it. So why not learn?

So, in a nutshell, that’s why I’ve decided to learn to knit. Because I want to make socks.

photo of learning to knitting one. Photo of colourwork socks with fall foliage in the background

Already Casting On

I went out a couple months ago and bought some knitting needles. I bought Clover bamboo straight needles–I have always wanted a pair of straight needles for some reason and once I decided I wanted to learn, I was getting them no whatever what. But I also ordered some circular needles a pattern I found called for. And I started learning to cast on.

I use the long tail cast on method. I found it on Sheep and Stitch’s Youtube channel, and I have to say, I really like these videos. They are very easy to follow and made casting on so much easier than another method I saw which just looked someone wiggling their fingers around–to me anyway.

I also can knit though I haven’t tried purling yet. I was still mastering the knit stitch when I had to put knit to the side because we were moving.

Moving is hard. People tell you moving is hard but I am here to tell you…it’s way harder than you think it is. Hence why I put down my needles.

Getting Back into Knitting

Now that I’m more settled into the home, I want to get back into knitting. I want to continue to master the knit stitch and learn how to manage my needles better because I keep pushing my stitches right off my tips, which I imagine is something many beginners do. I think the problem is my tension, which is a something beginners struggle with as well, so I’m not overly vexed about it as I know it will get better. The good thing about being a proficient crocheter is that I understand things will go wrong in learning to knit, and that it really just is a matter of practice to get it right. Which is helping with dealing with the frustration when things don’t go right in my swatches.

Once I’ve go the knit stitch down nicely, I’ll tackle the purl stitch. And once I have that pretty under control I’m going to jump into knitting socks. I chose the I’m So Basic Socks by Summer Lee Design Co. because it was free, and also because several knitters recommended it to me. Some of them recommended I start with something simpler, but several said I could do socks as a beginner because really, even beginners can do anything if we are determined enough. Which is true, and as a crocheter I know this is true. And because I know that first projects are never going to be perfect, I am okay with the challenge in a way that many beginners might not be. After all, small errors in projects are not a huge deal so if I mess up my socks a bit, it’s fine. And no one will know anyway. Especially since they are on my feet!

learning to knit photo two. Photo of knitting on a brown background

Since writing the above I have learned that if you knit in the round you get the stocking stitch (which I’m guessing is stockinette) which just blew my mind. I’m going to practice purling anyway, but imagine that! Not something I would have imagined as a crocheter.

Join Me on My Knitting Journey

Since I’m learning something brand new, I want to share all of that with YOU. I’ll be posting my progress here on the blog with some posts in the future, and sharing more of my day to day struggles with you on Threads and Instagram.

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