5 Useful Crochet for the Home Projects

Of late, home decor crochet projects are all the rage. Seasonal projects fill our Instagram feeds and so many makers seem to making so many different creative projects for the home. I myself am in love with the idea of making my own home decor. As easy as it is to jump on the newest crochet trend when it come to home decor, we as makers need to step back and ask ourselves if it’s really useful.

Crocheting is a hobby and an art, and bringing both into our home decor is a fantastic way to tell a bit about who we are in our home setting. These pieces reflect us, which our homes should do. But with so much out there to chose from, it’s kinda important to chose the projects and patterns that are right for you.

And that’s why today I’m sharing with you some useful (and stunning) crochet projects for the home.

Janie Crow Blankets

If you love colour and texture and pattern you need to check out Janie Crow. Her crochet designs are stunning and true pieces of art. Some of them are muted vintage pieces, others are bohemian and bold, but the wonderful thing about ALL of her patterns is the ability for us the makers to play with colour. So in that respect, all her of her patterns lend themselves well to anyone’s home decor style–even those of us who love minimalistic styles.

So which of Janie Crow’s amazing blankets should you make? I think that’s personal choice as they are all absolutely amazing. I am working on the Fruit Garden blanket, which I see many makers crocheting. Other patterns I see people working on frequently is the Spirit of Flora, and I know the Persian Tiles blanket is popular–Justin Bieber wore it to the Oscar’s Vanity Fair after party–as well.

My squares for the Fruit Garden blanket

These are totally useful home decor that will tell your friends and family everything about your style in one stunning piece and are beautiful enough to be handed down as heirloom pieces that your kids and grandkids can cuddle up under. I can’t wait till my own Janie Crow blanket is complete so I can read a book while snuggled under my blanket.


I totally think coasters are worth making. These are such useful home decor pieces in my opinion. They save your furniture from unsightly rings and stains, and look amazing. I have made several coaster sets in my crocheting life, and I personally love ones that are seasonal. I love to have these little touches of the current season–fall, spring or even holiday seasons like Christmas–around the home.

Coaster patterns I love and some I’ve made are:

Placemats, Table Toppers

If you love setting a beautiful table, then you might consider crocheting some lovely placemats and table toppers. I’ve seen a lot of seasonal patterns for these items, but there are also ones you could use at any time of year. Made with the kind of yarn–lighter weight cotton for example–these items can look elegant or be just the right extra touch for a minimalistic style.

There are plenty of styles out there for these items–from more lacework pieces to colour work pieces, and you’ll be sure to love the look of them once they adorn your table.


I love to crochet washcloths and think they are super functional. I try to use one washcloth a day as apart of good skincare, so having a ton of them on hand is important. Having a pretty stack of washcloths in your washroom is lovely for a powder room, and I would personally have be sure to have ones that showcase lovely stitches like a herringbone stitch or the crunch stitch. Washcloths are quick projects and easy to care for and add a nice touch to your home decor, making your home seem soft and comforting.

Robin Washcloth. View pattern

I’m not as into dishcloths personally, but they are also a lovely touch to your kitchen, especially if you are leaning into a farmhouse or more modern style.


I would love to have crochet baskets and trays around my home. I think baskets and trays are super functional home decor pieces, and can really pull together your home decor style if done properly. Baskets can hold blankets and throw pillows, and trays can be placed under your coffee table decor, or serve to hold all the remote controls that our many devices require.

Some great patterns for baskets are:

Final Thoughts

I would make all of these myself–blankets, coasters, washcloths, baskets and table toppers. Some I have made, as I’ve said, others I want to make. If only there were enough hours in the day to crochet ALL the things! I hope you’ve found some ideas here for lovely and useful home decor projects, and have several hours of happy crocheting ahead of you.

Would you crochet any of these projects? Let me know in the comments below.

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