How to Crochet the Cluster Stitch

If you are looking for something simple and pretty, I really do like the cluster stitch as it’s just like crocheting double crochets, but has a far more elegant effect in a finished project. I love this stitch for scarves and cowls, but it would also be lovely for a baby blanket. Perfect for the beginner, and yet one that even an experienced crocheter will love to use, this stitch is soothing to hook up and the first time I used it, I remember really falling in love with the project I was making. Maybe you will too!

It also is perfect for those projects where you are looking for great stitch definition.

You may find variations of how to crochet this stitch, but the cluster effect is created by not completing completing your double crochets until you’ve clustered them together, as you’ll see below. It’s a satisfying stitch.


Worsted weight yarn

5.00mm-6.00mm hook


To begin, chain any number of chains.

Row One: Sc into the first st from hook. *Ch 1, sk next st, sc into next. Rep from * until you have three sts rem. Then, sc sk first ch, sc into next and sc into last st. Ch 4, turn.

cluster stitch worked in cream coloured yarn on a brown wood background how to crochet the cluster stitch photo

Row Two: Working in the first ch sp, YO, insert hook into sp, YO pull through first two loops. YO, insert into that same sp, YO and pull through first two loops. YO, insert hook into that same sp, YO and pull through first two loops. YO, insert hook into that same sp, YO and pull through first two loops. You should have five loops on your hook. YO and pull through all loops. First cluster created. Ch 1, and rep cluster into the ch sp until you reach the last two sts. Dc into the last st. Ch 1, turn.

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Rep rows one and two for pattern.

It’s a really lovely stitch and one I wish I used more often! I can imagine playing around with colour with this stitch and creating something really beautiful. Maybe one day!

I hope you’ll give this stitch a try and play with colour and have some fun. Share your swatches with me on Instagram!

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