My Knitting Journey

Diary of a Crocheter Learning to Knit

Learning anything new is can be hard. I knew learning to knit would be a journey, and today I’m here to share you with my progress with this new craft. First off, I want to say I really like knitting. I think once I have the chance to grapple with some things, it will be a hobby I really enjoy. But right now…I’m progressing more slowly than I would like.

If you are interested, you can go back and read the other entries of my Knitting Journey experience.

Choosing My Second Knit Project

For my first knit project, I stuck to something small and simple, a headband. And it turned out nicely, though I struggled with the three needle bind off (that wasn’t really a three needle bind off) but I managed to get those last couple of rows completed.

By the way, the Knitter’s Pride Cubics needles were heaven to work with! I ordered a whole interchangeable set! I might write a whole post on those in the future.

But for my second project, I wanted to make a garment. Which I know sounds overly ambitious as I don’t know how to increase or decrease but I wanted a very simple top for the summer months, a basic tee.

So I settled on this Easy Garter Stitch Tank by Gina Michelle, which is a free pattern on her blog. I think I can knit this! I have a store bough garter stitch cardigan I adore and wear everyone, and I honestly love the look of garter stitch so I figured this was the perfect project for me. I really do think I can knit this, so I have started. But there have been a couple of stumbles for me as I’ve worked this up, as there were bound to be.

Knitting Challenges–a Dropped Stitch

Let’s face this, crocheters don’t have to deal with dropped stitches. We might miss placing one somewhere in a pattern, but that’ s not usually a big deal. On the other hand, dropping a stitch in knit causes beginners total panic. And the fear of having to deal with this is one of the reasons I put off knitting for so long.

Trying to figure out how to fix a dropped stitch is even more panic inducing. Some people tried to show me how to correct it, suggested I watch Youtube videos, provided encouragement and written instruction. And I tried. But I didn’t get what any of them were doing. It was mystifying. So I ended up pulling back a couple of rows.

And you know what I learned? Trying to knit into those stitches you have to put back on your needle is nightmarish. The stitches were harder to knit into, and while I managed it, it was a struggle. And then I was knitting again.

Until I dropped a stitch again.

Understand that I knit very slowly. Laughably slow–my husband actually laughed at me as he’s seen his aunt knit and she’s speedy. Partly I knit so slowly because I don’t want to make a mistake, and the other part is my yarn isn’t moving as nicely as I would like on my Lykke needles. I think wood needles need a bit of use before they become heavenly work with from what I’m hearing others say. Anyway, when I dropped a stitch again, I had to rip back again, and then I decided, this knit project needs to sit on ice.

I’ve only recently started working on it again, but now I am worried about gauge, so I don’t know if I will be able to continue just yet. You’ll have to wait till my next diary entry to find out!

Possibly Starting a New Project?

I have an itch to start another project, and have bought the pattern already. I think I have suitable yarn for it at home as well! But I am torn between diving in and erring on the side of caution since I’m not sure what size to make and gauge swatches scare me. I always swatch wrong it seems.

We’ll see if I start that or not, but here’s the thing: I think I’m becoming a knitter! And that’s exciting! And kinda mind blowing as I always thought I was happy with just being a crocheter. But now, I’m both and that’s really exciting.

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