How to Crochet the Lemon Peel Stitch

Today I’m back with another tutorial for another one of my favourite stitches, the lemon peel stitch. I can’t quite remember when I found this stitch, but I do love it and I am using it in a project that you’ll be seeing in the not to distant future. 

The lemon peel stitch is a combination of just two easy stitches, making it one that anyone can do and can be easily added to a beginner’s stitch book. Which really, is the wonderful thing about crochet; once you have the basic stitches down, it’s pretty easy sailing from there and you can quickly grow from a beginner to an advanced crocheter. I truly believe that, so beginners never fear! Crochet is something you can do. 

If you are interested in learning crochet, check out my tutorials. I have step by step photo how to crochet for the basic stitches, tailored to those who have never picked up a crochet hook before.

What I like about this stitch is that it’s perfect for a variety of projects, from blankets to scarves and shawls, and even handbags. It creates a dense fabric, so it’s perfect for fall and winter crochet projects but would also be lovely in an easy breezy summer tank. It’s also perfect for wash cloths and kitchen towels. 

Lemon Peel Stitch

The lemon peel stitch uses two alternating stitches, the double crochet stitch and the single crochet stitch. 

When learning something new in crochet, I always like to start with worsted weight yarn and a 5.00mm or a 5.50mm hook because these are the easiest to work with in my experience. But of course, you can use any weight yarn and appropriate size hook when working up your own learning swatch.


Worsted weight yarn 

5.00mm hook 

Yarn needle 


Begin with an EVEN number of chains + 1. 

Row One: Sc into first ch from hook, dc in next. Alternate sc and dc till end of row. 

Row Two: Ch one (does not count as a st) and alternate sc and dc being sure that you place sc into a dc st from previous row, and dc into sc stitches. 

Repeat row two for pattern. 

Now, some people say this stitch actually looks like the peel of a lemon, and that might be the case if you use yellow yarn, but for me, I just love the way it looks. I don’t see that lemon peel affect personally, but really, does that matter? I think this stitch adds a bit of sophistication to a crochet project and makes it look less crochet, which we sometimes want as crocheters. 

If you are wondering what sort of project I’m using this stitch, you’ll be seeing it in the fall for a Halloween project (or two) that is fun both for the kiddies and adults. I’m really excited about both these projects, so please be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date and never miss a post. 

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