Shades of Amethyst Crochet Wrap Pattern

If you love purple, you will adore the Shades of Amethyst Wrap. If you love cozy pieces, you’ll likely also adore this piece. It’s so perfect to drape over your shoulders while your working away at your computer, or while you crochet with a cup of tea. It pairs beautifully with jeans and is bound to be your go to wrap for the season.

This wrap was so easy to make and made me feel so peaceful as I worked with this lovely self stripping yarn that I found at Michaels. Facet Stones by Loops and Threads is 1 ply and that makes it super cozy. It’s label says its worsted weight, but I’d describe it as bulky. I used a 7.00mm hook to create this snuggly wrap. I highly recommend trying this yarn if you run across it; I’ve since made a couple of other pieces with it and I really adore it. And the colours are to die for. You can’t find Facet Stones at Michaels anymore, but you CAN find Facet which has a lot of colourways, and some will lend themselves beautifully to this pattern if you want fall colours.

This pattern is easy enough for an experienced beginner to try their hand at, and I am sure if this is your first bigger project you will be delighted with not only the overall affect, but how easy crocheting beautiful pieces can be. Trust me, if you have the basics of crochet down, this will be a breeze. I really do try and design easy breezy patterns! And once your friends see what you’ve hooked up, you’ll really start to think of yourself an accomplished crocheter  😉

Shades of Amethyst Wrap


Gauge is not very important for this project. 

1 group of 2dc1sc = 1inch
4 groups = 4 inches 

Finished Dimensions

20” x 45”


7.00mm hook 
1215 yards worsted weight yarn 
Craft needle 


Loops and Threads Facet Stones, 5 skeins in Amethyst 

Stitches Used (US Terms)

Sc-single crochet 
Dc-double crochet 



The wrap is worked from side to the other, and this creates a bit of a different effect when worn. All part of the pattern! I personally love the way this wrap turned out; the beautiful colour stripping paired with this slightly puffy stitch really gives the wrap a look of warmth and comfort, which is exactly what this yarn feels like, so I think this piece is utter perfection. Am I praising myself too much? *blush* I just love how it turned out! And, remember, you could always add more rows if you like as well to suit your preference.

Do you love wraps and shawls for fall? Let me know in the comments below.

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